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Our farming history

Craig:  I got a start in the Maine Anjou breed from seeing their performance in my family’s feedlot.  I have since developed a registered herd and married into some Piedmontese cattle.  I really like using this cross for our commercial animals for the unique qualities that they bring to carcass and meat quality.  I am proud of our cattle and our breeds which has led me to serve on both the Canadian Maine Anjou Association and Alberta Maine Anjou Association board of directors and slowly become more involved in the Piedmontese breed. 

Miriam:  I grew up on Peony Farms which is my parents Piedmontese cattle operation (  Ever since I was young I have loved farming and beef cattle.  I am thankful to be able to continue in this special lifestyle now as a farmers wife. I am also a professional photographer and am specializing in equine portraits (

Calving time

A favorite time of year!  filled with fun anticipation of seeing the new babies arrive, which calves have the cutest color patterns, and of course watching the new genetic matings come to life.

Out on Pasture

Another favorite time of year – putting pairs out onto pasture! Watching the calves grow living their best life out on the green pastures.

Show time

Many trips to Edmonton showing at FarmFair International as well as one trip out to Regina for Agribition. But the best showing memories were the many years in Red Deer at Westerner Days.


our very own CWC cattle Instagram celebrity :)

This orphan calf came to us from Bob Stenberg as we had a cow who had just lost her calf who could raise her.

As a friendly yearling heifer, she got the nickname ‘Bob’ and after her debut photo of her posing out in pasture with Craig was shared on Instagram, where a follower gave her the hashtag #BobsMyGal and its stuck ever since.