About us

At CWC Cattle Co. we seek to provide the highest quality Maine Anjou breeding stock to commercial cattle producers as well as other purebred breeders.  Craig & Miriam Cameron have run a herd of approximately 100 Fullblood and purebred Maine Anjou cattle for the last few years.  This year only the top 25 cows were selected to be retained for Purebred production with the rest entering commercial cattle production for Peony Farms Piedmontese beef program.  This change will result in improved genetic quality for our Maine Anjou herd as well as the herds of our customers.  Our walking herd sires are Mels Benz 110X and CWC Alfalfa 41A.  We also use many different AI sires to produce a variety of animals in each calf crop. We look forward to talking with you about the possibilities available to you by using CWC Cattle Co. genetics.

Some personal info.

Craig:  I got a start in the Maine Anjou breed from seeing their performance in my family’s feedlot.  I have since developed a registered herd and married into some Piedmontese cattle.  I really like using this cross for our commercial animals for the unique qualities that they bring to carcass and meat quality. We have started an annual bull sale for our Maine Anjou breeding stock (www.foundationssale.com).  I am proud of our cattle and our breeds which has led me to serve on both the Canadian Maine Anjou Association and Alberta Maine Anjou Association board of directors and slowly become more involved in the Piedmontese breed.  If you want to see my full farm history read more HERE.

Miriam:  I grew up on Peony Farms which is my parents Piedmontese cattle operation (www.peonyfarms.com).  Ever since I was young I have loved farming and beef cattle.  I am thankful to be able to continue in this special lifestyle now as a farmers wife. I am also a professional photographer and am specializing in equine portraits (www.miriamphotography.ca).